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Art, design, architecture, film, typography, photography, Beautiful reflection in my mind. Please Do NOT remove credits or any information from the designs or artworks.


Pigeon kick scooter by Ignas Survila

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Saunahaus. Architekt Bernardo Bader. . Austria. photos : Architekt Bernardo Bader

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John Armleder - Brain (2003)


John Armleder - Brain (2003)


Scenes of suburban sprawl from photographer Cristoph Gielen’s new book Cipher.

About the book:

Working at the intersection of art and environmental politics, photographer Christoph Gielen specializes in conducting photographic aerial studies of infrastructure in its relation to land use. Collected and published here for the first time, Gielen’s abstracting views reveal the hidden geometries of building developments that only emerge when seen from far above the ground, in the elliptical or hexagonal shapes of structures such as maximum security prisons or retirement communities. In Ciphers, Gielen uses a triptych format to present this sprawl as car culture phenomenon and a way of life—encouraging viewers to question both the nature of the developed community and the ramifications of contemporary building trends. These pictures invoke an era of carefree risk-taking, of “bigger is better,” when investing in home ownership and commercial real estate were still standard practices and neither distance from workplace nor gasoline prices much mattered in determining the locations of new construction.

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Con/struct: The Fictional Urban Architecture of Justin Plunkett

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🌞Hippies Welcome🌞


🌞Hippies Welcome🌞


Los Italianos


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Artist Henrique Oliveira Constructs a Cavernous Network of Repurposed Wood Tunnels at MAC USP

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Luminaire Light Installation | Rem Koolhaas | Via

This year’s International Architecture Exhibition, entitled Fundamentals, is a major re-staging, renewing the Biennale’s emphasis on the history of architecture and architectural culture. Fundamentals consists of three interlocking exhibitions: Elements of Architecture in the Central Pavilion; Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014 in the National Pavilions; and Monditalia, which fills the halls of the Arsenale. Together they illuminate the past, present and future of architecture.

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stairway - Helsinki lovely art


stairway - Helsinki lovely art


Fred Sandback, Untitled (Sculptural Study, Two-part Construction), (1974-2013). 

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